Battery mould, which pays off in less than 1 year!
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Form for metro tunnel segments
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Universal forms for columns
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Universal forms of transformer substations
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In recent years, we have assembled a team of professionals responsible for the quality of our molds and equipment. Our metal molds and equipment are used in almost all regions of Russia. All management of the company is in constant access for buyers.

We invite you to visit our company. In one hour of a factory tour, you can see all the stages: from sawing and laser cutting, to packaging and shipment of equipment to customers.

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PBS Manufacturing Co. in Russia
PSRN: 1177847133100

INN / KPP: 7806266471/780601001

195027, St. Petersburg, ave. Lubotinski 2-4

Tel: +7 905 233-39-99

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We are happy to see our customers at our production site. Therefore, we invite You to take a tour of our factory.We are proud of our production and are ready to take all the costs on ourselves.

Leave a request on our website, our Manager will contact You and arrange travel from anywhere in the world for FREE!

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Мы уверены в качестве нашего оборудования и профессионализме сотрудников, поэтому всегда готовы показать клиентам производство Petro Building Systems. Мы приглашаем Вас на экскурсию и готовы взять все затраты на себя.

Просто заполните эту заявку, и наш менеджер оформит для Вас проезд в Санкт-Петербург и обратно из любой точки мира БЕСПЛАТНО!

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