Maima HBF - cassette unit for wall panels

Maima HBF - cassette unit for wall panels

Maima HBF

LLC Trading house "Mayminsky HBF" is a large enterprise in Gorno-Altaisk. They produce the widest range of concrete products and base their work on the principles of urgency and quality with an individual approach to each client.

After receiving large orders for construction in Gorno-Altaisk, they became interested in panel housing construction technology.

On one of the tours of the reinforced concrete production facilities, representatives of Magis saw the process of forming wall panels on the cassette machines of Petro Building Systems and evaluated the result of work on such equipment. So already in September 2022, a PBS cassette unit was launched at the production of the Maiminsky HBF.

Since Gorno-Altaisk is located in a mountainous area, the requirements for seismic resistance of buildings have been increased to 9 points. Therefore, Magis use a special technology for assembling reinforced concrete products through a monolithic core.

«Maima HBF»

Gorno-Altaysk, Russian Federation

  • • Cassette unit for the production of wall panels for 20 compartments
  • • Сoolant – water
  • • Maximum dimensions of finished products – concrete slab 2850х6800 mm
  • • Year of launch – 2022

Why did the customer company choose the panel house building technology?

«Magis» CEO, Levon Akobovich, explained this by the fact that panel housing construction benefits from the pace of construction and the absence of the need to carry out additional factory finishing of finished products.

«Petro Building Systems has established itself well in the market for the production of cassette machines. It is in no way inferior to imported manufacturers, for example, Italy or Germany»

Levon Akobovich, CEO of the Maiminsky HBF

Now wall panels for residential buildings in Gorno-Altaisk are already being actively molded on the equipment. Employees note a strong difference between panels made on CSF cassettes and on modern-type cassette units. First of all, it is noticeable in the quality of finished products. An equally important role is played by increased productivity and ease of use in comparison with other equipment, which is especially important for the MAGIS.

Having worked on the unit for more than six months, the employees are satisfied with such an acquisition for the plant. It allowed to significantly improve the quality of wall panels, while simplifying the production process.A 20-compartment cassette unit for the Maiminsky HBF was manufactured in just 5 months. Taking into account the wishes of the plant, water was chosen as the heat carrier. The cassette unit is also equipped with mobile traction and a maintainable heating system. The design is made in such a way that the vibrators for compacting the concrete mix are located in special cavities inside the shirts. Such a cassette unit makes it possible to produce 20 high quality wall panels per day without the need for additional processing.

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