Ulan-Ude DSC - Cassette unit for the production of ventilation units

Ulan-Ude DSC - Cassette unit for the production of ventilation units

Ulan-Ude DSC

In September 2021, a DSC production line from Petro Building Systems was launched in Ulan-Ude. It includes 3 cassette units for wall panels with 20 compartments and a cassette unit for 9 ventilation units.

In one shift, the plant will be able to produce one floor of a two-entrance 16-storey building from 60 panels.

The launch of the plant, which is strategically important for Buryatia, was planned after it was decided in Ulan-Ude to return to panel construction technology. «BurGrazhdanStroy» bought the empty buildings on the territory of TGC 14 and completely restored the workshop, which housed the entire technological complex.

Ulan-Ude DSC

Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia

  • • Number of items per fill – 9 pcs
  • • Сoolant – steam
  • • Item – 800х400, height 2990
  • • Year of launch – 2021

After the launch, the plant was visited by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia Evgeny Valentinovich Lukovnikov and assessed the possibility of import substitution of equipment for DSC:

«Empty, almost falling apart areas, once belonged to TGK 14. Today we see a completely different picture. The house-building plant started working. Its capacity is about 70-80 thousand square meters per year, now we will build it in such a construct, quickly, reliably, I think another month and the plant will reach its full capacity, all issues are being worked out today.

Looked at the launch of new equipment. The Russian complex itself is similar to that in Germany. Reinforcing cage components are also mechanized. And while everything is being set up here, the frames are knitted both manually and welded by an automated system. This will certainly speed up the production process. Now it takes time to set up the work of the plant. The plant's products will always be in demand»

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