Universal forms of transformer substations

During the construction of residential buildings, social facilities or industrial facilities, the question of connecting the building to the city's power grid inevitably arises. To date, the use of transformer substations of various capacities in a reinforced concrete shell is the best solution in terms of durability and reliability during operation.

The substation shell is a three-dimensional concrete structure, which consists of two separately manufactured elements - a base plate and a volumetric cap. During assembly, two concrete elements are connected by welding at the locations of embedded parts. For the manufacture of volumetric caps, PBS engineers developed and manufactured a stand equipped with a hydraulic system for controlling the demoulding process, a heating system and concrete mixture compaction. The company, acting as the customer, made special demands on the versatility of the equipment.

Thanks to constructive solutions, it was possible to ensure the possibility of changing molds to other standard sizes in the shortest possible time. So the plant received at its disposal universal equipment that can flexibly adapt to the current needs of the market. PBS can design and manufacture a mold for any standard size for you.

The stand consists of an outer formwork and a hydraulic core forming the inner cavity of the cap. The outer massive walls of the formwork are mounted on movable carriages that move along the guides using hydraulics. When stripping, each wall moves away from the concrete surface by 800 mm. Thanks to this solution, it is very convenient to perform intermediate work, such as installing inserts and opening formers, lubricating the mold, reinforcing, etc. On the outer walls of the formwork there are external vibrators for compacting the concrete mixture.

The upper elements of the outer shields are removable for readjustment to other standard sizes. Along the perimeter, the form is equipped with wide and comfortable scaffolding for safe work. The core forming the inner cavity of the cap is a three-dimensional steel element with movable plane connections. Thanks to special design solutions, hydraulics compresses the core during formwork removal, and it completely releases the products for further removal from the mold. After removing the product, the hydraulic system returns the core to the design position.



    Possibility of conversion to other sizes


    Hydraulic stripping control system


    Convenience of intermediate work due to ergonomic demoulding process - each wall of the mold moves away from the structure by 800 mm


    The form is equipped with external vibrators to compact the mix


    This solution simplifies the demoulding process

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