Mozyr HBF - cassette unit for wall panels

Mozyr HBF - cassette unit for wall panels

Mozyr HBF

In 2022, the Mozyr House-Building Factory began producing wall panels using our advanced cassette unit.

As you know, each Petro Building Systems installation is designed individually. This time we developed an improved design that took into account all the wishes of the Customer. So we replaced the movable rod with a removable one, placed the vibrators not outside, but in special cavities inside the jackets, which made it possible to vibrate the concrete in the central part of the product, and also protect the vibrators themselves from contamination.

As in all our projects, the forming surface is made of solid sheet metal without welds. Also, HBF technologists have been actively working to select the best lubricant for the forming surface. The result of all these solutions was smooth wall panels almost suitable for wallpapering.

Also, the cassette unit is equipped with a maintainable heating system with water as a heat carrier.

Mozyr HBF

Mozyr, Republic of Belarus

  • • Number of items per fill – 30 pcs
  • • Сoolant – water
  • • Item – concrete slab 7300х2900, толщина 160 mm, 120 mm, 80 mm.
  • • Year of launch – 2022

The cassette unit is equipped with a Petro Building Systems magnetic edge fitting with a seal: magnetic cut-off edges are used to change the length of the wall panel, and magnetic converters are used to form openings.

The use of vertical cassette units allowed Mozyr HBF to increase productivity. Today, all 30 compartments are poured daily at the plant, and this makes it possible to fulfill the production plan set for HBF in full.

«First of all, we pursued the goal of designing a new cassette plant that would allow us to work in a new way and be very flexible in technology. I believe that we succeeded thanks to PBS.

At the moment we have developed 3 projects. And we wanted to produce 3 projects in our new cassette unit, which we put into operation on November 11, 2021. And already in February, we produced about 60 cubic meters of reinforced concrete on it every shift. Products are of high quality, not requiring any factory finishing.

New projects that we want to bring to life with the help of this cassette have passed the state examination and are being released. These are houses with commercial premises on the first floors, houses with studio apartments. Now we are doing another project completely new for the city of Kursk. All these projects are produced in a new cassette unit. Also for individual residential buildings, where we make a different floor height»

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