Battery moulds

Each developer sets himself the task of producing reinforced concrete products with high quality and in a short time. We offer an effective solution to this problem - battery production of reinforced concrete. Thanks to the technology of battery production, concrete products are produced using minimal production capacities and fully comply with GOST.

The battery mould has a number of advantages, and first of all it is productivity. With vertical molding, finished products do not require additional factory finishing. In vertical battery, reinforced concrete products are poured in the design position and warmed up from all sides at once. This significantly reduces the production time of products.

Battery mould from PBS is universal! Quick changeover of the concrete battery allows to produce products of different sizes at minimal cost.

We design precast concrete vertical batteries individually for each Customer with a choice of water, steam or oil coolant (for the production of wall panels) and dimensions of the finished product.

You can see photos of all PBS battery moulds for panels in the «Our Projects» section. For more information about implementation please call +7 (812) 747-86-21 or send email to

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High performance

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With vertical molding technology

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Ease of maintenance

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After launching the concrete battery into work, you will be able to access the Petro Building Systems training platform, where all training materials on working with the equipment are located. And you will have the opportunity to train new specialists and evaluate their readiness to work on expensive equipment.

Petro Building Systems provides a full range of maintenance services for concrete battery of any manufacturer: from scheduled maintenance to modernization and replacement of failed battery mould!


Reinforced jacket frame and 10 mm thick metal forming sheet ensure long service life of the machine and are an additional guarantee that the quality of finished products will not deteriorate over time.

The special design of the side boards eliminates the displacement from the size over time, and this, as you know, is a fairly common problem of battery moulds. In the PBS design, the sides are rigidly fixed and provide a permanent clearance.

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    The movement of shirts is electric - with the help of MOTOR-REDUCERS (Germany). The operator only needs to press a button to open and close the mould.

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    The vertical battery is equipped with a special HYDRAULIC LOCKING SYSTEM for compression with automatic force support. This ensures tight closure of all compartments. For unobstructed extraction of finished products from the central compartments, the hydraulic cylinders can be rotated.

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    The battery mould for PBS panels can be equipped with a radio control panel that allows you to remotely start the movement of thermal jackets and control the hydraulic compression system.

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    For maximum compaction of the concrete mix, the battery mould for panels use high-frequency vibrators. In operation of the battery, both manual exposure to vibration and automatic shutdown of the vibrators after the expiration of time are possible.

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    The control unit of the precast battery mould can be equipped with a TOUCH PANEL for setting and controlling system parameters such as vibrocompaction, jacket movement and automation of the coolant supply.

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