Perm HBF - cassette units for wall panels with curved sides

Perm HBF - cassette units for wall panels with curved sides

Perm HBF

In 2021, PZSP JSC put into operation 2 cassette units of Petro Building Systems, while 2 cassette units were purchased only after the complete delivery and commissioning of the first one.

The Petro Building Systems team this time again developed a unique design of cassette units in order to realize all the wishes of the Customer. This time, the design of the service platform is distinguished by mobile ladders attached to the cassette unit.

So we replaced the movable rod with a removable one, placed the vibrators not outside, but in special cavities inside the jackets, which made it possible to vibrate the concrete in the central part of the product, and also protect the vibrators themselves from contamination.


Perm, Russian Federation

  • • Number of items per fill – 20 pcs
  • • Сoolant – steam
  • • Item - concrete slab 7340х2980, thickness 180 mm
  • • Year of launch – 2020-2021

As in all our projects, the forming surface is made of solid sheet metal without welds. Also, DSC technologists have been actively working to select the best lubricant for the forming surface. The result of all these solutions was smooth wall panels with a perfectly flat surface almost suitable for wallpapering, without pores!

Also, the cassette unit is equipped with a maintainable heating system with steam as a heat carrier.

Cassette units are equipped with Petro Building Systems cut-off boards with a sealant to change the length of the wall panel. Also in the design of one of the cassette units there are figured side boards, which allows you to change the edge of the wall panels.

Both cassette units are poured daily and the plant simultaneously supplies wall panels for several houses under construction in Perm.

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