Video review of the mould for the manufacturing of elevator shafts

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We present to you a mould that makes the manufacture of elevator shafts as simple and ergonomic as possible.

What features do we want to highlight?

  • The outer part of the form is mounted on movable carriages, which simplify the stripping and closing of the form.
  • A service area is located along the perimeter of the form.
  • On the inner formwork there are bevels that form a funnel for the convenience of concreting.
  • Each outer form wall is equipped with Oli external high-frequency vibrators, providing first-class concrete compaction.
  • The form is universal. It can be adjusted in height. All openings are fixed with magnetic side equipment, which makes it easy to change their location if necessary.

The payback of the mould form is on average up to 1 year. What results will be achieved by using such equipment?
Go to production up to 30 shafts per month!

To receive a commercial offer in this area, simply write to us at or call 8 (812) 318-46-60.

Learn more about forms for the production of elevator shafts at the link –

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