Vertical battery mould for the production of wall panels

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In February 2021, we commissioned the second vertical battery mould at the IDSK plant in Irkutsk.

What would like to note in the design?

  • This vertical battery mould is versatile. It can be converted to produce wall panels from 100 to 200 mm at minimal cost. The height-adjustable lower edge of the battery formwork will also allow the manufacturing of wall panels of different heights up to 3200 mm inclusive.
  • The PBS battery formwork has an ideal flatness of the chambers with a maximum tolerance of 1.5 mm by 3 m, which allows the manufacturing of wall panels that do not require additional processing.
  • The reinforced frame of the chambers and the forming sheet of metal 10 mm thick ensure a long service life of the mould and are an additional guarantee of the quality of the finished products.
  • The special design of the sidewalls excludes displacement from the size over time, and this, as you know, is a fairly frequent problem of battery moulds. In this design, the sides are rigidly fixed and permanently provide the size.
  • For ease of use, the battery formwork is equipped with a touch panel for setting and controlling system parameters. Also, the battery mould is equipped with a radio control panel, which allows you to remotely start the movement of thermal chambers and control the hydraulic compression system.
  • The battery mould is equipped with a repairable steam heating system for chambers.
  • The battery mould is equipped with a special hydraulic locking system for compression with automatic force support. This ensures that all compartments are tightly closed.

The payback of a vertical battery mould is up to 1 year. What results will be achieved by using such equipment?
Go to the production of 20 wall panels per day!

To receive a commercial offer in this area, simply write to us at or call 8 (812) 318-46-60.

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