Universal horizontal stand for the production of ventilation units

Universal line for the production of ventilation units The universal line is designed for the production of ventilation units BV-28-1, BV-28-93-1, BV-30-1, BV-30-93-1, BV-33-1, BV-33-93 -1, BV-36-1, as well as products of other series. The line is shifted from one type of ventilation units to another within two hours during the weekly cleaning, routine inspection and maintenance of the line equipment. The installation is located on an area of 6 x 18 m (108 m2).

The universal horizontal form for ventilation units is equipped with: a Side shield and a Central partition equipped with a steam heating system. This allows you to increase the speed of concrete maturation. The unit is equipped with a vibration compaction system. External vibrators are installed not only on the side panels, but also on the traverse. This allows you to produce better compaction of the concrete between the punches. Synchronized hydraulic mechanisms on the side panels allow you to automatically lift the traverse with punches, and safely remove the cores using crane technology. Internal voids of the ventilation unit are formed by means of punches fixed on the traverse. The vertical position of the punches is provided by special guide pins. They are fixed using holes in the mould tray.


  • energy-saving complex of engineering ideas and techniques;
  • the most profitable heat treatment with hot water;
  • actuators and thermal automation in protected boxes;
  • control and management, execution of the programmed MAINTENANCE cycle.

There are no restrictions on the range of manufactured concrete products:

  • production of precast concrete for all construction industries;
  • forming a horizontal, three-dimensional products;
  • Solid-section concrete blocks with openings and mortgages;
  • application of overall (frames, forms) and panel (boards, boards) formwork;
  • fixing the formwork; magnetic systems (without loss of effort).

We give you the finished tool:

individually design, manufacture, equip for the task;
We carry out full installation and launch;
we use branded quality components;
apply the necessary options for operation;
We provide a guarantee and service.

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