Panel cassette plants

The development of large-panel housing construction is based on the use of prefabricated parts that have accurate dimensions and first-class surface quality that does not require further processing. In practice, to achieve such high requirements was made possible by molding the products in an upright position, since all surfaces are smooth. This is especially important in the production of internal partitions, both sides of which are front.


The development of large-panel housing construction is based on the use of prefabricated parts that have exact dimensions and first-class surface quality that do not require further processing. To achieve such high requirements in practice was made possible by molding the products in a vertical position, since all the surfaces are smooth. This is especially important in the production of internal partitions, both sides of which are facial.


Practice shows that, compared with other production methods, cassette technology provides higher labor productivity, requires significantly less production space, and also reduces the consumption of heat carriers and electricity. With an appropriate number of forms, it is possible to carry out a continuous production flow.

Before starting the process of creating a cassette machine, the specialists of PBS LLC analyzed the various designs of cassette forms; the leading technologists of Russian house-building factories were involved in the production process, and they were very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​reviving the cassette machine production in our country. Thanks to the participation of a large number of production workers, it became possible to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a particular design. The result of cooperation was the creation of LLC PBS cassette-molding machine, entirely and completely designed and manufactured in Russia.


Stage 1.
Installing the rig, lubrication form.

Stage 2.
Installation of reinforcement cage.

Stage 3.
Closing the concrete compartment.

Stage 4.
Laying concrete mix.

Stage 5.
Heat treatment using an
integrated heat
circuit with water / steam coolant

Stage 6.
Opening the compartment, removing the finished product.

For the production of the main product range, the PBS LLC cassette machine is equipped with a set of stationary end boards and a base. The base is adjustable in height. If it is necessary to produce a different product range, the cassette machine can be equipped with an additional board with accessories and cutters.

1. Steam heating.

The movement of the external frames and shirts of the cassette machine along the guides, is carried out mechanically with a key. In a cassette machine, PBS engineers implemented a concrete heating system using steam (1). The system includes the ability to adjust the temperature at different production stations. This makes it possible to significantly increase the speed of production of products. Also, the heating system can be implemented using hot water that is supplied to the coil. To increase the usable area, coil orebren (2).

The cassette machine is equipped with four hydraulic cylinders, they allow for tight closure of the compartments. The hydraulic cylinder has the ability to rotate, for the smooth extraction of products from the central compartments. Adjusting the bottom side height is carried out with a special screw.

In the cassette machine, a system of concrete vibration compaction is implemented using Brecon external vibrators. In the process of molding products provided permeal sealing of concrete. The vibration compaction system is controlled by a distributor. There is also a display for frequency indication.

2. Heating with working fluid.

For unimpeded removal of products from the cassette machine, the draft has the ability to fold. The sides of the cassette machine have a rubber seal, it prevents the concrete milk from flowing out. The end boards are spalled by rotation. In the presence of embedded elements at the ends of the product, special grooves are provided in the board.



  • energy-saving complex of engineering ideas and techniques;
  • the most profitable heat treatment with hot water;
  • actuators and thermal automation in protected boxes;
  • control and management, execution of the programmed MAINTENANCE cycle.

There are no restrictions on the range of manufactured concrete products:

  • production of precast concrete for all construction industries;
  • forming a horizontal, three-dimensional products;
  • Solid-section concrete blocks with openings and mortgages;
  • application of overall (frames, forms) and panel (boards, boards) formwork;
  • fixing the formwork; magnetic systems (without loss of effort).

We give you the finished tool:

individually design, manufacture, equip for the task;
We carry out full installation and launch;
we use branded quality components;
apply the necessary options for operation;
We provide a guarantee and service.

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