Magnetic boxes and brackets

On-board equipment based on magnetic boxes, brackets, C-shaped profiles and plywood of the right size is this flexible system that can cover the needs of any production of reinforced concrete products. Elements of the system are lightweight, therefore, crane equipment is not required to work with this equipment. This equipment is ideal for enterprises with a constantly changing range of products.


This production technology of columns involves the use of magnetic sides on metal tracks with a width of 1170 mm or more, stands or on tables. The essence of the method is to install magnetic sides on the metal surface. For transporting the side have hidden hooks. Activation and deactivation of magnets occurs mechanically. The need to connect to email. there is no network because Magnetic systems are based on permanent neodymium magnets

The divider for the fill is the universal end. The separator is also equipped with a magnet. The fill technology allows the use of two tracks using a stationary central (middle) side. Stripping is possible without removing the sides, i.e. without deactivating the magnets due to internal springs.


Bortoshnastka based on magnetic boxes, brackets, C-shaped profiles and plywood of the right size – this is a flexible system that can meet the needs of any production of concrete products. The elements of the system are lightweight, therefore, to work with this equipment does not require crane technology. This equipment is optimally suited to enterprises with a constantly changing product range.

The bracket is a welded power element that perceives the pressure of concrete on board. The bracket allows you to concrete products of various thickness in the range of 150-400 mm. Additionally, there are other sizes of brackets, allowing to produce products from 250 to 400 mm.

Formwork plywood of the desired length and width is fixed on the c-shaped profile using self-tapping screws.

The magnetic box 2400 is a reliable magnet with a pull-out force of 2.4 tons. It is resistant to long-term vibration and heat exposure. Thanks to the button system and the spring mechanism, the magnet itself is aligned and pressed against the surface of the cassette.

The C-shaped profile creates the necessary rigidity of the bead in the longitudinal direction. Available in various lengths based on the overall dimensions of the molded product. The profile has a perforation along the entire length for fixing plywood.

The mechanism of connection of the bracket and the C-shaped profile.

An example of the production of reinforced concrete panels 2780x5700x200.

An important component in the production process is the technological arrangement of the elements of the board equipment on the working surface. The installation parameters of the brackets, depending on the height of the product, are shown in the table.

The brackets must be installed at the junction of the C-shaped profile and along the edges of the opal surface. At the same time, the following parameters must be observed: the spacing of the side equipment (A) and the maximum distance to the edge of the product (B).

In the example, the length of the C-shaped profile is chosen in such a way (L = 2000 mm) so that the number of brackets (4 pcs.) Is optimal.

For the formation of window and door openings are used brackets with magnetic box.

In order to provide a comfortable rapubublivanie, it is recommended to dock the plywood on the 45 degree saw cut. At the junction of plywood, it is necessary to ensure a C-profile gap of no more than 100 mm. Magnetic box is installed at the junction.

The simplest and most economical solution for the manufacture of flat elements of concrete structures and massive walls is the use of such a bracket.

For compact storage of brackets a special rack is provided.

Up to 40 brackets 150-250 mm can be stored on the rack

With the help of brackets and adapters, you can easily fix door and window openings and balcony openings, both on horizontal and on vertical surfaces.


A standard magnetic box (BM) is a durable stainless steel case, inside which a magnetic system of necessary effort is installed.

Magnetic blocks with a pullout force of up to 2400 kg are mass-produced. Each unit is equipped with two threaded bore holes. Through these openings, elements of various boarding equipment are connected to the magnetic unit.

Magnetic systems are resistant to vibration and long-term temperature effects (up to 120 ° C).

Due to their versatility, magnetic boxes are widely used in systems for the manufacture of concrete equipment.

For storage and transportation of magnetic boxes, our company offers convenient trolleys.

Special devices for the removal of the magnet, allow effortlessly lead the magnet in a free position.

The magnetic box is brought to a free position by raising the button of the automatic system. For this, it is recommended to use a special breakaway device – a key-deactivator.

The magnetic box is brought into its working position by hitting the hammer with the button of the automatic magnet activation system.


  • energy-saving complex of engineering ideas and techniques;
  • the most profitable heat treatment with hot water;
  • actuators and thermal automation in protected boxes;
  • control and management, execution of the programmed MAINTENANCE cycle.

There are no restrictions on the range of manufactured concrete products:

  • production of precast concrete for all construction industries;
  • forming a horizontal, three-dimensional products;
  • Solid-section concrete blocks with openings and mortgages;
  • application of overall (frames, forms) and panel (boards, boards) formwork;
  • fixing the formwork; magnetic systems (without loss of effort).

We give you the finished tool:

individually design, manufacture, equip for the task;
We carry out full installation and launch;
we use branded quality components;
apply the necessary options for operation;
We provide a guarantee and service.

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