Elevator shafts

The optimal solutions in the field of design and manufacture of concrete molds are those obtained in a direct dialogue between the manufacturer of the products and the mold designer. An example of such a jointly worked out and put into practice solution is a stand for the production of reinforced concrete elevator shafts.

Alternative solution for forming elevator shafts. The external formwork and the inner core are heated, the sides fold back, the core has a stripping slope of 20 mm on each side to a height of 3 meters. When working with the form, the reinforcement cage must be fully prepared in advance and installed in the form with a crane. External vibrators are installed in the base of the mold to compact the concrete mix.

After installation of the reinforcement cage, the outer sides are closed, the geometry of the product and the tightness of the joints are checked, then concreting occurs. During the “ripening” of concrete, the walls of the future elevator shaft are heated, both outside and inside. In the outer sides of the mold and in the inner core, a hermetic thermal contour is laid for uniform heating of the whole structure. In the role of the coolant can be steam, water or oil. After the product has reached the required strength, dismantling occurs. First of all, the outer walls of the formwork alternately recline. To avoid dynamic load when removing the finished shaft from the core, a hydraulic system is used, located at the base of the form. Hydraulics smoothly raises the product by 30 mm, thereby releasing it from the core.


  • energy-saving complex of engineering ideas and techniques;
  • the most profitable heat treatment with hot water;
  • actuators and thermal automation in protected boxes;
  • control and management, execution of the programmed MAINTENANCE cycle.

There are no restrictions on the range of manufactured concrete products:

  • production of precast concrete for all construction industries;
  • forming a horizontal, three-dimensional products;
  • Solid-section concrete blocks with openings and mortgages;
  • application of overall (frames, forms) and panel (boards, boards) formwork;
  • fixing the formwork; magnetic systems (without loss of effort).

We give you the finished tool:

individually design, manufacture, equip for the task;
We carry out full installation and launch;
we use branded quality components;
apply the necessary options for operation;
We provide a guarantee and service.

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