Bridge Beam Shape

One of the priorities of PBS is the production of universal formwork for bridge beams.
Universal thermostat UTS Osnova – is a modern embodiment of a time-tested solution for the production of an almost unlimited range of concrete and reinforced concrete products.
Balance the design of the thermostat as a “layer cake”, in which each layer performs its important function:
  • self-supporting power base makes operation reliable;
  • set-top thermal insulation directs the maximum amount of heat up;
  • the heat distribution system ensures efficient heating;
  • metal coating-a calibrated base for a high-quality surface;
  • thermal zones allow you to save energy resources.
Technical parameters:
Balance of the thermostat design
Automatic heat treatment control system
There are no restrictions on the nomenclature of manufactured concrete products
Turnkey Delivery
We rent you a ready-made tool


  • energy-saving complex of engineering ideas and techniques;
  • the most profitable heat treatment with hot water;
  • actuators and thermal automation in protected boxes;
  • control and management, execution of the programmed MAINTENANCE cycle.

There are no restrictions on the range of manufactured concrete products:

  • production of precast concrete for all construction industries;
  • forming a horizontal, three-dimensional products;
  • Solid-section concrete blocks with openings and mortgages;
  • application of overall (frames, forms) and panel (boards, boards) formwork;
  • fixing the formwork; magnetic systems (without loss of effort).

We give you the finished tool:

individually design, manufacture, equip for the task;
We carry out full installation and launch;
we use branded quality components;
apply the necessary options for operation;
We provide a guarantee and service.

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